Waking up to wet feet!

Hello world!

The skies have not aligned right in my world this day as a sprinkler pipe in my yard burst sending a bunch of water into my basement. My brother in-law came over to try and assist me in getting the water out with his little pump. We quickly realized we were out matched and went online. I located Majestic Home Restoration, Jason their contractor and Bob their water guy were here in like 30 minutes, quite impressive. Needless to say I learned an important lesson tonight in educating yourself on the importance of proper coverage on your insurance. Luckily All State had my back on this loss, but in talking to Bob he’s mentioned the last couple floods he’s worked the insurance company wouldn’t touch it and they were left paying for it out of pocket. Why do we pay for insurance if when we actually need their help they find any excuse not to pay the claim? I understand that some people want to abuse the system, that’s understandable I think time, history, and circumstances play a huge part. What I can’t seem to understand though is for example if All State hadn’t helped me with my first claim with them I would be heated! All the regulation the government has us going through you would think they would regulate the insurance companies to protect our homes and property!

Needless to say I am relieved tonight and want to thank both my insurance agent Tera over at All State and Majestic Home Restoration for saving my house!

I hope to be back on topic shortly, once I get my house under control. Thanks for staying with me as I go through this crisis!

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