Proper Eyelash care

I wanted to take a minute and point out some important details I hear too many girls complaining about when they get eyelash extensions put on. What most people don’t understand is your body naturally sheds eyelashes every once in a while like every other part of your body. If your apply an eyelash extension to that eyelash, when it sheds the natural eyelash guess what goes along with that? The eyelash extension! I hear so many girls freaking out about their eyelashes coming out, but seriously do you not understand this process? My other complaint is about how rough or uncaring some girls are with their eyelashes. I mean, do you really expect to sleep on them, wash them roughly right after, or abuse the hell out of them and expect them not to come out? It’s like your nails girls, if you abuse them don’t expect them to look fine!! I mean this really isn’t a hard thing to understand is it? Well! If you could hear some girls bitch you would swear it’s rocket science.

Either way, keep them lashes looking good girls and if you need an artist definitely give a try!

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