Costa Rica, Spas and Retreats

Costa Rica, Spas and Retreats

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If your objective is to leave cigarettes, whisky and wild, wild ladies, then you might consider the advantages of a Costa Rican Holiday that is a Health spa or Retreat. There are those people that can not simply trip, we need to have more significance in our adventure. In this case, instead of avoiding everything, you are getting to everything. It seems the outcome is the exact same you get to relax and relax.

I discovered many, many yoga and meditation retreats so I will simply aim to inform you about the ones that stick out. I encourage you to do your very own search

Pancha Mama
Pancha Mom suggests Mother Earth in Spanish and if you are a time-warped hippie that had a go around with communes this is gon na sound your bell. Pancho Mother is referred to as a Spiritual Eco Town. The charges are incredibly affordable, if I read their cost chart correctly. A number is listed without any digits behind it so I am reasonably sure these are the rates. For a camping tent it is $12.00 for a single and $20.00 for a double. For a House it is $28 for a single and $50 for a double.

Offered are lessons in yoga, meditation, tai chi, surfing and horseback riding. This is also a total vegetarian cuisine and the meals around $4.00 a piece with children’s meals costing a simple 1-2 dollars.

Luna Lodge
Lana Wedmore has actually worked in the traveler service market for several years and her final destination for her own Lodge is the Osa Peninsula in the southern region of Costa Rica. Her rates are not low-cost however they are competitive with the larger hotels and she has included a Health Center where you can find out or practice Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, or massage. The structures are stunning and in harmony the ocean and jungle that surround it. Her rates run from $125 – $200.

Tree Houses Hotel
I didn’t see any ads for yoga or massage however I did see details on the Hot Springs. That’s got ta be healthy. So, here is another unusual method to invest your holiday … in a tree house. Mind you, these tree houses have full restrooms with tubs and they have Cooling. You have actually got to a minimum of go to the site, the spaces are really cool. The rates run $75 -$ 85 per night.

Costa Rica Quilting Retreat
I cannot envision making quilts in the jungle, however if there are any enthusiasts out there, this is your fortunate day. Bungalows are provided in a private gated community. The Main building has a pool and they have BBQ’s out by the swimming pool. The fee for this is $925 for the B&B arrangement in the main house, or you can pay $950 for a cottage With only the $25 additional for the home, I would take the cottage.

In Conclusion. I have found that most of the health clubs or retreats are very spendy, and environment is the biggest offering. They do lots of wedding events in Costa Rica and the high-end Hotel/Spa experience is the elegant indulging newlyweds enjoy. I have noted retreats that are a bit more economical and more customized than the normal offering.

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