Unwind Yourself On Your Relax Vacation

Relax Yourself On Your Relax Trip

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Going to a day spa is the ideal method to relax and restore yourself while you are on your relax holiday. There are different type of health spas and you can be ensured of finding one that appears to be tailor produced your specific needs.

The Aveda Health spa at Alexis Hotel – You can choose from an overall body massage, which begins with $ 45, to the special Himalayan Rijuvenation Body Treatment at around $125. This treatment is a holistic rejuvenation treatment utilizing both herbs and aromatherapy. There is also the Total Body Elixir Treatment, which costs about $75. Ought to you want to continue your treatments after going house, then you can buy the skin care products that are sold at the Medical spa.

Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa – This medical spa gives you a choice of fitness and health services. Private treatment spaces are offered where hydrotherapy, mineral soaks in addition to Swedish and Sports massages are offered. In addition to healing rubs, total body structure analysis and physical fitness assessment can be had here.

Grand Wailea Resort Hotel and Medspa on Maui – This well-known spa provides a variety of treatments in its facility which covers 50,000 square feet. With a choice of five aromatic baths, all the advantages of aromatherapy, which is a multifaceted art, are available to you. The Medspa nevertheless is popular for the Termé Wailea Hydrotherapy. For about $500, you can indulge yourself and your partner in a Sandalwood Peacefulness wrap, which is a Speciality Bath for two, then have a side-by-side massage for the two of you. This treatment at the Day spa Grande makes sure to completely revive you and unwind you.

Marriott’s Wentworth by the Sea at New Castle – The complimentary beverages which are served in the relaxation room set the ideal note to the kind of pampering that you can expect at this remarkable medical spa. Facial treatments, which include the French Ogenage Facial and the Royal Gentleman’s Facial, are provided, as likewise are Paraffin hand treatments. Warm stones, aromatic important oils along with Reiki are all utilized in combination to offer massages that are truly unwinding. There are special pregnancy massages that are totally safe for mothers to be.

Sandy Lane Resort of Barbados- With a cost of just $220, the Dr.Hauschka Classic Treatment is an ideal way to revitalize your skin in 2 hours. There is also the complete health spa treatment over 6 hours which starts with a water massage, and after that a hydrotherapy bath which precedes a body massage, aromatherapy facial, workouts for complete relaxation followed by manicures and pedicures.

Proper Eyelash care

I wanted to take a minute and point out some important details I hear too many girls complaining about when they get eyelash extensions put on. What most people don’t understand is your body naturally sheds eyelashes every once in a while like every other part of your body. If your apply an eyelash extension to that eyelash, when it sheds the natural eyelash guess what goes along with that? The eyelash extension! I hear so many girls freaking out about their eyelashes coming out, but seriously do you not understand this process? My other complaint is about how rough or uncaring some girls are with their eyelashes. I mean, do you really expect to sleep on them, wash them roughly right after, or abuse the hell out of them and expect them not to come out? It’s like your nails girls, if you abuse them don’t expect them to look fine!! I mean this really isn’t a hard thing to understand is it? Well! If you could hear some girls bitch you would swear it’s rocket science.

Either way, keep them lashes looking good girls and if you need an artist definitely give www.ogdenlash.com a try!

Run in with the Tow Truck

Tow Truck Safety and Reasonability


This weekend I went up into the Utah Mountain’s to enjoy some beautiful winter star light nights. Needless to say it was a little chilly, but the view was amazing. We even got a little snow, but my truck and trailer made it up safely. However, on the way back I suffered a flat tire on my trailer. I learned some valuable lessons on how to handle tow trucks in the future in the event I am ever in need of one.

First and foremost, skip the ad’s online and go straight to tow truck companies. Shift through the middle men that don’t actually own a tow truck, they simply get your call and then call local tow trucks. Problem with this system is I stayed on the side of the road for an extra hour, because the only truck less than an hour away was refusing to come out because he wasn’t going to pay the middle man website their fee’s to go out. Find that local company like Ogden Tow, AMS Towing, Brett’s Towing that actually own tow trucks.

If the police get involved, as they sometimes do to help in an accident or just to assist with road side assistance have them call a tow truck on their rotation. Very few but corrupt officers gain money from tow truck companies to refer your business to them. That being said the random tow rotation is a safe reliable way to get a tow truck that won’t rip you off. Most police jurisdictions audit and or review the practices, prices, and facilities prior to adding a company to this rotation. The premise being if an officer calls a tow truck on rotation that does damage or try’s to scam you, you will blame the police department so they have a vested interest in making sure they only call out reputable tow trucks.

Ask a company for their insurance and business license! Just as with a contractor they shouldn’t get upset with you for simply asking to ensure they are reputable and have those needed businesses requirements. I will advise you, if a police officer calls the tow truck company you probably can skip this set as stated above they have a vested interest in only calling companies that meet these requirements.

Use common sense; do you want to leave your property with this individual? Some common sense steps like is the coat or uniform worn by the driver matching what’s on his truck? How is he acting, most tow truck companies have done this so many times they are like robots and can load a vehicle like it’s second nature, don’t trust the one that can’t.

Don’t leave any personal property you can’t deal with losing. It happens all the time where a customer reports something was removed from their vehicle. Now with most companies you don’t need to worry as the vehicles are stored in fenced, videoed, safe environments, however any owner will tell you to just take it with you. A less known clause that most people don’t know is that once the vehicle is taken to their yard they can hold the personal property inside until the owner or insurance pays their fees. While it’s obvious this can be frustrating for some people, some tow companies will let you access your stuff but why risk it? Take it with you!


When in doubt about a tow company, have the police refer one of their trucks!


Logoing telescoping Nation

In the world of news, Telescopelabel received an official logo tonight!



Andrew at Ogden Graphic’s Custom made my logo for telescopelabel and I couldn’t be more thrilled. If you guys are looking for a custom logo for your business or blogging needs he is my man now and forever more! Andrew was able to design, draw, transfer to a computer, and finally do a print feature I was proud of. Best of all Andrew was on budget and on time! I was super excited. If you need custom design logos, graphics, banners, signs, vehicle wraps, business cards, or anything else give Andrew a call to set up a free evaluation!

Railing up the observatory

Anyone that knows me knows my favorite observatory is my back deck. I mean it doesn’t get any  better than getting the epic views from the privacy and comfort of your back deck. I recently had Ogden Decks come out and replace my railings to an upgraded rod iron look which I love!

Ogden Deck Company

Needless to say I am very excited for the countless hours I can spend out on the deck, and I am all the more proud of my backyard again. Jason the contractor that came out and installed it was quick, professional, on budget, and exceeded my expectations throughout the entire process.

Now that I have this done I can focus back at the sky and continuing my project that is above and all around us.

Waking up to wet feet!

Hello world!

The skies have not aligned right in my world this day as a sprinkler pipe in my yard burst sending a bunch of water into my basement. My brother in-law came over to try and assist me in getting the water out with his little pump. We quickly realized we were out matched and went online. I located Majestic Home Restoration, Jason their contractor and Bob their water guy were here in like 30 minutes, quite impressive. Needless to say I learned an important lesson tonight in educating yourself on the importance of proper coverage on your insurance. Luckily All State had my back on this loss, but in talking to Bob he’s mentioned the last couple floods he’s worked the insurance company wouldn’t touch it and they were left paying for it out of pocket. Why do we pay for insurance if when we actually need their help they find any excuse not to pay the claim? I understand that some people want to abuse the system, that’s understandable I think time, history, and circumstances play a huge part. What I can’t seem to understand though is for example if All State hadn’t helped me with my first claim with them I would be heated! All the regulation the government has us going through you would think they would regulate the insurance companies to protect our homes and property!

Needless to say I am relieved tonight and want to thank both my insurance agent Tera over at All State and Majestic Home Restoration for saving my house!

I hope to be back on topic shortly, once I get my house under control. Thanks for staying with me as I go through this crisis!

The Hidden Hollow Star Party!

Hey guy’s, I am looking at going to the Hidden Hollow Star party in Ohio next week and I am pretty excited. It is one of the oldest and best parties out there, and the views are nothing short of spectacular. The food, the drink, and the people are what really make the event pop though anyone planning on going and wanting to talk more about it let me know! If not I am sure I will see some of you there!