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Here’s What No One Tells You About Massage Therapy

New videos every day this is Athena jeez and I thought that it would be good to talk about low back pain low back pain is something that’s pretty common a lot of it is because we’re so inactive we do so much sitting and I’ll give you a little bit of an idea what we’re talking about with low back as far as down at the muscle of the bone structure.

Of the bones it’s this area right in here the lumbar region which has a natural curve to it and that curve is supported by the abdominal muscles so what happens in low back pain is it’s usually related to weak abdominal muscles because it’s not supporting and then when we sit where our postures aren’t sitting well so we’re not sitting good high on the schism bones.

we’re supposed to be sitting on which are these bones down here we’re not sitting well on these bones we’re instead we’re slumping back so that we’re kind of on a tripod and that will push the back into a more outward position and weaken the stomach because the stomach just kind of lets go it will follow the lines of least resistance so low back pain is is common.

It’s not fun if it goes on too long you can have things with arthritic stuff going on sometimes there’s bulging discs there’s a various number of things that that can be a problem and in my practice over the years I’ve found that I have a pretty good Massage Therapy success rate with alleviating low back pain using some of the cranial sacra techniques and the slow unwinding of the muscle tissue but of course some of this is also going to be more successful if the person with the low back pain is going to do some work.

Their abdominal to strengthen them and it’s not sit-ups it’s crunches if you go beyond the when you’re starting to crunch up when you as soon as you lift up the low back off of the floor you’re moving into the area of the hip flex or muscles which are going to be pulling your back pulling your body up so you’re losing the abdominal stuff so you don’t have to lift very much to strengthen those abdominal group muscles there’s actually three layers of it and it’s good to have a little bit of a twist in part of that exercise so that you get all of the all of the muscles.