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Run in with the Tow Truck

Tow Truck Safety and Reasonability


This weekend I went up into the Utah Mountain’s to enjoy some beautiful winter star light nights. Needless to say it was a little chilly, but the view was amazing. We even got a little snow, but my truck and trailer made it up safely. However, on the way back I suffered a flat tire on my trailer. I learned some valuable lessons on how to handle tow trucks in the future in the event I am ever in need of one.

First and foremost, skip the ad’s online and go straight to tow truck companies. Shift through the middle men that don’t actually own a tow truck, they simply get your call and then call local tow trucks. Problem with this system is I stayed on the side of the road for an extra hour, because the only truck less than an hour away was refusing to come out because he wasn’t going to pay the middle man website their fee’s to go out. Find that local company like Ogden Tow, AMS Towing, Brett’s Towing that actually own tow trucks.

If the police get involved, as they sometimes do to help in an accident or just to assist with road side assistance have them call a tow truck on their rotation. Very few but corrupt officers gain money from tow truck companies to refer your business to them. That being said the random tow rotation is a safe reliable way to get a tow truck that won’t rip you off. Most police jurisdictions audit and or review the practices, prices, and facilities prior to adding a company to this rotation. The premise being if an officer calls a tow truck on rotation that does damage or try’s to scam you, you will blame the police department so they have a vested interest in making sure they only call out reputable tow trucks.

Ask a company for their insurance and business license! Just as with a contractor they shouldn’t get upset with you for simply asking to ensure they are reputable and have those needed businesses requirements. I will advise you, if a police officer calls the tow truck company you probably can skip this set as stated above they have a vested interest in only calling companies that meet these requirements.

Use common sense; do you want to leave your property with this individual? Some common sense steps like is the coat or uniform worn by the driver matching what’s on his truck? How is he acting, most tow truck companies have done this so many times they are like robots and can load a vehicle like it’s second nature, don’t trust the one that can’t.

Don’t leave any personal property you can’t deal with losing. It happens all the time where a customer reports something was removed from their vehicle. Now with most companies you don’t need to worry as the vehicles are stored in fenced, videoed, safe environments, however any owner will tell you to just take it with you. A less known clause that most people don’t know is that once the vehicle is taken to their yard they can hold the personal property inside until the owner or insurance pays their fees. While it’s obvious this can be frustrating for some people, some tow companies will let you access your stuff but why risk it? Take it with you!


When in doubt about a tow company, have the police refer one of their trucks!